Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wild Trout Weekend

This past Saturday, I met a friend of mine to go fishing for small stream wild trout on dries.  We ended up having an awesome day, and while we didn't keep count, we estimated that we probably combined for about 50 trout brought to hand, and we both also missed our fair share.  We also both got the PA trifecta: a brookie, brown, and rainbow, all in the same day...though not form the same waterway.  It can be done, and I hope to accomplish it this summer, but we had a blast with the fish on two different streams on Saturday.

This entry will be more eye-candy, and less words, so take a look at the pics and enjoy...

This is what we were after...
Cahills were coming off, but very sporadically.  
Ironically, this was a good thing, as it kept the fish open-minded, not keying on the hatch.
My buddy's largest brown of the day.  
Now that I'm looking at it, it could be a stocked fish that wandered up into the little stream.

Tried some underwater shots.  
Getting the hang of it, but still have a long way to go...

My friend was cleaning up on a light Wulff I tied up the night before, while I took trout on a Stimulator.

The last fish I caught was a beauty.  A 12" wild brookie.
Unbelievable colors.

The release.

Well that's it for now.  More pics from this trip in a future update.  But that should be enough to get your envy going.  This weekend I'm planning on hitting bigger water for bigger fish.  Hopefully, with some success, great pics should follow!


troutrageous1 said...

That first picture is simply stunning. My envy is going!

Mark said...

Thank you! Actually, that first picture was one of the shots where my flash fired. Many shots were ruined because of it, but in that photo, it had the effect of darkening the background and really showcasing the fish, so I kept it.

I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!

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