Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weather Woes

Seems like lately, the weather has been absolutely hating the people of southwestern PA.  This week we had more or less beautiful skies all through the week, only to get rain put into the forecast for Saturday and Sunday, then back to nice weather for Monday and the rest of next week.

In any event, I've still tried to get out on the water a few evenings, but the high water from the rain combined with windy conditions have made hatches brief, sporadic events that the fish haven't really been reacting to.  The only place I've been fishing dries to great effect is a local pond, with bluegill, with whom the "Adams hatch" has been well received.

Still, it's nice to get out to the trout streams, and I'll probably try to make time for a bit of fishing today before the storm clouds blow in...

Here's a shot I took while fishing earlier in the week, one nice thing about all the rain is how green the forests have become...


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