Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Spring Cleaning

It's been a while since I've posted, but there's good (well...truthful at least) reason for that.  Over the past several weeks, I haven't gone fishing more than 2-3 times, and have exactly no fish to show for it.  Further, I've done no tying at all, and what little photography work I've done to this point has been just that: work.  The D80 got it's first real workout of the year at work, taking a few shots of various pieces of equipment for reference purposes.  Not exactly thrilling news.

That being said, changes are in the works for Dharma of the Drift. 

Dharma of the Draft? 

With recent added responsibilities at work, I've found myself becoming more and more interested in beer.  Not just the drinking of it, but the history, taste, brewing, and chemical aspects as well.  While I'm no chemist, brewer, or historian, I am now a beer-taster by occupation, at least partially, so as difficult as it's been to commit to tasting beer on a regular basis, I'm taking my tasting more seriously.

To that end, after posting some fun facts, reviews, impressions, and opinions elsewhere on the interwebs, I realized that my readers probably do their fair share to keep people like me, in the beer business, in business.  While I'm sure not everyone who checks out DotD is a beer drinker, I bet many are, and I bet there's a high-percentage of craft beer enthusiasts.

To this end, I've decided to include beer, alongside fishing, tying, and photograpy, as a focus of the blog.  Of course, some may argue against diluting the purity of focus...but ultimately, it isn't their blog.  Over the past few months, beer has become another sort of hobby-taken-seriously for me.  Instead of browsing the coolers for a funny name or snazzy packaging, I'm looking at styles, favorite brewers, hard-to-find beers, or beers that showcase particular ingredients.  I'm far from an expert, but I hope my readers will enjoy the shared thoughts.  Further, sharing my impressions will make for much more regular updates, which is a good thing for all of us.


I'm sure many of you remember the original gray and orange theme that was in place when the blog here launched.  Wasn't much, but it was functional.  Then I made an overhaul to the current look.  Over the next several months, I'm looking to re-do the look of the site, preferable to a simpler (though not strictly minimalist) look.  I read several dozen blogs, and I most look forward to visiting the simplest layouts among them.  

While I want to maintain functionality, there's lots of baby fat in the current design, and I'd like to trim it somewhat.  Though it's far from finalized, I'm thinking 3 or fewer colors, in maybe 2 tones each.  Nothing busy or flashy.  I'm even considering dropping the carousel window (one of my favorite features in the early days of DotD).  

Long story short, I guess you'll know it when you see it.


Just added this little beauty to the stable.  

Though she needs a bit of TLC, expect to see some pics from this one (as well as a more detailed intro post) soon!

Reel Good News

The reel I wanted to pair with my new 8wt finally arrived at the doorsteps of a shop I've been emailing for a month.  Placed the order a day or two ago, so hopefully, I'll have it in my hands within 2 weeks!

That's all for now...after two weeks of stupid-warm March weather, an incredible St. Patrick's day in Pittsburgh, and a really nice birthday, it's time to get to some fishing!


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