Friday, March 25, 2011

Singlebarbed Strikes Again

KBarton, the possibly-less-than-stable mastermind behind Singlebarbed, has found a way for me to legitimize my actions once I declare war on the feral cats my neighbor has fed (and thus perpetuated for generations) in my neighborhood.

The difference between a feral cat and a domestic tabby is only how much to lead them… | Singlebarbed

Best Quote:

"you little furry Motherfu**er, them days is over. You’re going to rediscover camouflage and stealth, leave the quail in my yard alone, or I’m blowing daylight through all that Purina."


New post from me, actually, up soon.

Finally got me some fish.


Cofisher said...

If you're good at wiping out your cat population, come on over I pay a bounty.

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