Friday, February 25, 2011

Fly Tying Tutorial Link: CDC & CDL Caddis

Great looking, simple fly that promises to be light, easily floatable, and easy to tie.  I will be tying up some of these to try them out this spring and I'm sure they'll work out.  Check out the full step by step tutorial for tying two variations of this interesting fly on Passion for Fly Fishing.

Please note that the site is written in Spanish.  My browser (Google Chrome), offers to translate the entire page and does a pretty good job, though if your browser doesn't offer this option, the efficient photography should really be all you need.


Cofisher said...

I liked that fly a lot. I love tying with cdc but am always worried that it won't hold up. Thanks for showing us that site as well.

Mark said...

I just tied up a half dozen of these and they're looking better and better. To improve the look of the cdc, I'm using the cdc "puffs" instead of the feathers (in the first pattern). Seems to have worked fine. I might post pics tomorrow.

Dustin's Fly Box said...

This is a great fly! I need to get some of these made up!

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