Thursday, December 9, 2010

Soft Water

Last weekend, I wanted to get out and spend an afternoon doing some photography, but as it turned out, I didn't even leave the house till nearly 4:00pm, already into the last part of the prime lighting of the day.  To complicate things, I'd decided to head for a scenic area that was located in the bottom of a valley, further cutting down on available light, and completely eliminating any warm, direct sunlight.  Should I have changed plans to get better lighting?  Probably.  But I didn't.

Eventually, I got to my spot, just one the verge of having insufficient light for any shot, especially in the shady valley.  So I wasn't going to get any of the shots I'd hoped for, but what was left?  I was pretty much limited to fairly long shutter times...

That's when I decided to embrace the low-light and try a few extended shutter exposures of the small, but fast-flowing creek.  While the fairly flat, indirect lighting made for some drab, lifeless color, the heart of the effort, getting the long-exposure shot, met a fair amount of success.  I ended up with fewer than ten 'keepers', but learned a lot.  Some of my settings were kind of off for conditions, but overall, I'm pleased enough with the results to share with the group.

Remember, as always, clicking any photo will take you to a full sized version, and if you'd like the EXIF data for any shot, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll be happy to add it.





Owl said...

# 3 is amazing. really amazing.

fly fisher, wannabe writer, and part-time photographer of anything I can catch...

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