Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting a Face Lift

I'm sure all the regular visitors have noticed that the site recently received a pretty significant face lift, this was due to some sort of conflict or error in the coding, which was causing the featured content slider to lock up.  After several days of tinkering, altering, adjusting and muttering bad words, I finally decided that it was a lost cause, and went shopping for a new template.  Amazingly enough, the sliders weren't working in many of the templates I tried (leading me to believe that the problem may not have been in this site's code after all), but eventually, I found this one, which I think looks pretty sharp.  I hope you'll agree...or at least not disagree so much that you stop reading!

In any event, I'm going to do my best to keep this layout clean, uncluttered, and functional.  I'm open to suggestions as to things I could include or take away from the sidebar, so if you've got an idea, leave it in the comments.  The coding for this slider seems a little bit more robust, and I'm doing my best to keep a backup saved at all times, so hopefully that mess won't happen again.

I'd also like to put out a call for some input.  Over the past few months, Dharma of the Drift has attracted a lot of new readers.  The steelhead primer had a lot to do with that, and I do have a few ideas for a few more steelhead articles, but I'd like to hear from the new readers as to what sorts of things you would be interested in seeing.  I will be putting a step-by-step fly tying tutorial up within the next few days (maybe even today) for a Stimulator, but I'm open to all sorts of ideas for articles.

The point is, I write for you, the reader.  As you can see, there are no ads, not even google adsense bars, so I'm not making any money on this, I just do it for the enjoyment of sharing with the community and helping others out.  Some reader feedback goes a long way toward accomplishing just that.  For example, Dharma of the Drift got an email a week or so back asking a question about steelhead fishing.  The response contained some information that could help anyone, so I'll be making a post of it.  Just one guy sending an email will result in a post that might be able to help any number of other readers.

In short, I just wanted to thank my readers, welcome those who've recently discovered Dharma of the Drift, and explain the new look, as well as my plans and hopes for the near future of the site.




Dave said...


How about a forum area within your site. Make it sot that only people who have signed up can post and talk with you and each other for more info. This could be a great way to get ideas for new articles.

Dave said...


I read your 5 part article about steelhead. Great job. It helped me out a lot. Since I am new to Steelhead fishing I found it to be the best thing that I came across. As for new articles, well maybe expand on the streams themselves, highlighting different areas on both Elk and Walnut as well as the others in the area.

Maybe even, articles on actual fly patterns with more photos and diagrams or videos showing how you would fish a certain type of rif or slack pool.

By the way your photos you take are great. Love the fall ones. can't wait to see some great winter shots.

Mark said...


Thanks for the great constructive comments!

About the forum, while that would be a big undertaking, technology-wise, I have a few ideas as to how I could incorporate that. If the general reader base tends to show a desire for a forum, I may try to set one up in the future.

Thanks for the article ideas as well. I may do articles highlighting individual streams, though I feel it's best to steer clear of naming terribly specific spots anywhere. Still, a focus on a particular stream might be something you see in a future article. The next time I go up, I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures.

Articles on specific flies are no problem at all. That's a definite can-do, and I can touch on ideal conditions for those flies as I present them.

Thanks Again,


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